Gracie Barra Rohnert ParkGracie Barra Rohnert Park

Jiu-Jitsu for Everyone

Morgan Baborgan

Maybe you want to fight in the cage, maybe you just want to get off the couch, or maybe your 4 year old needs exercise and interaction with real focus. GBRP has got you and your family covered. The very same coach working so well with the kids might be winning a tournament the next day! The fundamentals program is designed to take you from the sofa to the mat by strengthening and conditioning your body while teaching you useful techniques. When you are ready, advanced class will then expose you to intensity and live action in a safe controlled setting. Where you want to go from there is up to you. The hardest part is showing up the first time, I know because I started on my 38th birthday, out of shape with a sore back. Get in the best shape of your life, make some new friends you might not otherwise meet, and learn a surprising amount about yourself, all while training in THE most effective martial art.

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